Groomiez is a family owned and operated business, Our pet stylists bring the best pet spa treatment to your front door. We will groom any type of dog with the utmost care and attention.

Growing up in Ventura county we have always loved this community with the best weather around and the beautiful parks. We have always had love for animals, My wife and I know grooming is very important to a dogs health and well being, our dog Blue is a Black lab/GSP he has always enjoyed his Detail time and his coat will show it. Our van is top notch with the latest and greatest grooming equipment we like to keep our van a step above the rest. We take pride in all the animals we work with, and establish a bond with each one that will last a life time.

Give Groomiez mobile Dog spa a call today at 805-500-8400 to set up an appointment or go online for easy appointment scheduling for your dog grooming needs.